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Library Board

Linda Elsner – President
Tammy Wegner – Vice President
Jan Spindler – Treasurer
Sarah Sabelko – School rep/ secretary
Don Hayden – City Rep
Mark Gilles – Board Member
Kayla Campbell – Board Member

School and Public Library

Everyone is welcome in our facility during business hours.

Durand Public library is a unique combination of a middle/high school and a public library.

The mission of the public library is to identify, select, organize, retrieve, disseminate, and make accessible the entire spectrum of knowledge in order to support the informational, educational, and recreational needs of its clientele.

This mission is accomplished by providing free access to collections, resources, and services that help patrons of all ages and all cultural and ethnic backgrounds obtain information relating to their personal, educational, and professional needs.

While the public library considers the entire spectrum of knowledge to be its purview and the entire community as its user population, it may emphasize services in support of popular materials; formal education; independent,
self-directed learning; reference; research; community information; preschoolers’ services; and community programming and activities.

The public and school libraries each have their own governing bodies in which they report and answer to. 

Durand Community Library
604 7th Ave E
Durand, Wisconsin


Hours Labor Day - Memorial Day

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - Noon
Sunday Closed